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Texial’s Certified Hacker course is an advanced training program that transforms learners into high-skilled ethical hackers is a Complete Interactive and hands-on training were every individuals can learn and excel the innovative field of ethical hacking and cyber security.

An ethical hacker is an individual who uses the same tools and techniques as cyber criminals to look for and exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems, in a supervised and legal way. Ethical hacking is an excellent way to assess the security measures of computers and find ways of exploiting vulnerabilities if any.

Students will be trained to breach into secured systems and networks to carry out malicious activities under supervision, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures. Our curriculum enhances an individual’s capability to learn and excel in the growing cybersecurity industry. The certification gives the ability to assess and analyze computer systems’ security to help fight against cyber-attacks.




Texial is a Global Leader in Information Security & Forensics